Brake Repair Service in Mountain View, AR

The roads in Mountain View and other communities in northern Arkansas require excellent brakes to ensure you can drive safely. But brakes are among the easiest items to overlook. They are out of sight and mostly out of mind – unless they are making unsettling noises when you try braking.

When the brake pads are worn out, they have rivets and metal backing plates that damage steel brake rotors. And that can cause a lot of damage and possibly cause you to lose all braking power. Fortunately, our brake services and repairs can fix virtually any problem with your brakes.

Commonly Done Brake Services

You should have our experienced and certified technicians inspect your brakes about once a year to make sure they are in good shape for safe travel. Our brake services can examine the brake pads, calipers, and rotors for any problems. If we find an issue, we can:

  • Inspect and replace worn brake pads.
  • Flush and fill the master cylinder.
  • Bleed the brake lines.

We can also flush and fill the brake fluid, and install a new master cylinder as needed. That will help to ensure you always have the best possible braking power to make your travels safer.

Commonly Done Brake Repairs

You might damage the brakes while driving over a road hazard, such as a very bad pothole. But most brake repairs are done due to a lack of proper maintenance.

Brake pads contain friction pads that are slightly softer than the hardened steel on brake rotors. That ensures the brake pads wear down without damaging the rotors. But you need to inspect and replace the pads before the friction material is gone. Otherwise, brake repairs are needed.

Our brake repairs often include replacing brake calipers and turning brake rotors to restore a smooth and flat braking surface. If the rotors are damaged beyond repair, we can replace them with new ones.

Other Brake Repairs

We also can replace leaking brake lines that might have suffered damage from road hazards, rust, or other problems. Without proper brakes, your vehicle is unsafe to drive. And with the many great mountain roads in and near Mountain View, it is very important to keep your vehicle’s brakes in their best possible mechanical condition.

Our brake services are affordable and can help to prevent the need for costly repairs later. They also help to prevent accidents from happening.

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