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Regular oil changes, including the oil filter, are necessary in maintaining a long-lasting, reliable engine performance in your vehicle.

The old adage was to change oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles. While that’s still a great rule to follow in older vehicles when using traditional refined oil, it’s not always the interval required in a newer model car, SUV, or pickup truck.

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The magic is in the electronics in a newer vehicle; they will remind you with a pop-up message on the console letting you know it is time for an oil change. Some vehicles use more modern lubricants, extending the suggested oil change interval to 5,000 and even 7,500 miles. Using a full synthetic motor oil can add even more miles, with some vehicle manufacturers suggesting a maximum of 15,000 miles between changes. An oil change service center knows the correct interval for your vehicle, the proper filter and weight of oil, and can make this a quick, easy process.

No matter the interval, you need to change your oil regularly to keep your vehicle running in top condition and to avoid costly wear-related issues with the engine. Oil is the lubricant that keeps all those metal parts from heating up due to excessive friction and destroying themselves. Oil works in conjunction with your cooling system to keep the engine at optimal operating temperature to avoid damage. In the course of daily use, even a brand-new vehicle will experience wear. That wear starts with microscopic metal particles that can act just like sandpaper inside your engine, scarring and scouring metallic components.

Clean, fresh oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine to reduce this wear, and the oil filter captures most of these particles, but they eventually build up, lowering the efficiency of the filter and contaminating your engine oil. Dark, black oil gets that color from the dirt and metallic residue created by your engine. Replacing the oil with new amber-colored, semi-opaque oil and a new filter gets the engine back to a clean, pristine state and allows it to run the appropriate 3000, 5000, or more miles before you need to start the process again.

Clean oil makes a happy engine, and with the current price of even used vehicles, combined with the high cost of repairs, regular oil changes are a great practice to follow.

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